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Path to Mars #980: Stress Management in Space

Yesterday, six crew members of the MARS-500 mission stepped out of a self-contained isolation module. After 520 days living in a Moscow parking lot with only each other for company, they stepped back into the world with the rest of … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #992: Be Your Own Polyglot

Being from Canada, I’ve always admired those who could speak French fluently. Like many Canadians who did not attend French immersion school, I received roughly 12 years of one-French-class-per-year training, with a year or two of college French tacked on … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #995: Collective Apps of Kindness

Do you love your smartphone? Would you be willing to share it for the good of humanity? If you’ve been feeling guilty about retreating away from friends and family into your world of apps, you’ll be pleased to hear that … Continue reading

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