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Path to Mars #955: Space Art Business

The upcoming call for space art for the Revolutions Space Art Exhibit has been extended until July 15th, 2013, so you have another week to apply for what looks to be an amazing space art exhibit, possibly the biggest space … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #956: Narratives in Orbit

The third installment of Breathing Space looked at the area of Satellite Applications. This is an area of space I really enjoy teaching kids about – there is so much happening out there they can get involved with! It’s also … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #957: A Blurry, Beautiful View

You may be wondering just what has been happening to Chris Hadfield during his medical tests this week after the Soyuz landing in Kazakhstan on May 14th. Back in March, I wrote a Breathing Space article on one of the … Continue reading

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