Path to Mars #959: Space Comics


Renae DeLiz ‘s very cool comic anthology featuring a female space artist on the cover.

Space Comics hold a special place in the history of space art. Although many were originally heavily influenced by early sci-fi novels, there are so many branches of space/art comics now that it’s easy to satisfy any space tooth, be it pulpy, horrific, adventurous, silly, cynical, mystic, or just good-old educational.

Here are some online space comic goodies to get you inspired to create your own comics:

While all of the above are fabulous in their own unique way, I have to tip my hat to the Womanthology:  Space project, which is the genius sequel to the Womanthology:  Heroic anthology, a wildly successful kickstarter project by Renae De Liz that brought together established and young female artists to create comics for charity. The Space series is an enchanting, educational, adventurous, magical and sometimes sexy blend of space stories from an all-female perspective.  Picked up by IDW for publishing, it drew artists and writers from an open forum of applicants of all ages and experience levels, a refreshingly inclusive and transparent creation. The 5th and final comic has yet to be released at the time of this blog posting, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for it in my local comic book shop. You can purchase the series here, follow the Womanthology blog or like the Womanthology Facebook page to stay up to date on the next edition.

Read any of the above, and you’ll no doubt be inspired to doodle your way to Mars.

Blast Off!


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