Path to Mars #965: Space Youth Art Competition

Competition is the new collaboration – so says Peter Diamandis. There’s no doubt that there are space science contests a-plenty working as the new incentive to keep technology expanding. But did you know that there are also a healthy number of international space art contests on the go for those of us less technically inclined space enthusiasts?

One terrific example is the Second Annual Humans in Space Youth Art Competition. This contest is for youth aged 10-18 (born on or after September 1, 1993), and is open to residents of any country. The contest asks young people to “Be Inspired, Creative and Heard”, to think creatively about the future of Humans in Space, and to express it in one of four formats: through visual, literary, musical or video form.

I love that this competition is open to such a wide range of media expression, and that it offers such a fantastic opportunity to the winners:

Competition winners will receive awards and have their art displayed and performed worldwide and viewed by scientists, astronauts, engineers, artists, and the public.  Major events include the 19th International Academy of Astronautics’ Humans in Space Symposium in Cologne, Germany, July 2013 and locations across the United States associated with NASA’s “50 Years of Solar System Exploration” Celebration from August 2013-August 2014. Artwork will also be continuously displayed in our online gallery.

Supported by DLR German Aerospace Centre, NASA, and USRA (Universities Space Research Association), this competition is no small event; it shows how the space industry is taking art more seriously, and will be relying on artists more and more to enhance the public’s general awareness and support for human space flight.

Entries must be submitted by midnight U.S. Central Standard Time, October 21, 2012. For more details see the competition website

If you are over 23 and feel sad about not being eligible to enter this one, cheer up! You can still use those art school skills and apply to be a judge.

Blast Off!


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