Path to Mars #967: Space Book Launch!

Which came first, the book or the glass?

If you haven’t noticed already by the gigantic blue arrow to the right, I’ll repeat it for you here:  I launched my first space book this week!

Blast Off! An Action Plan to Get You to Space is a zesty guidebook that will turn your space dreams into reality. It is geared towards people who are not necessarily interested in the mainstream engineer/flight pilot route to space, but who have other skills to contribute. The book is packed with worksheets, examples and internet resources to help you through the step-by-step plan. It makes space accessible to everyone, but especially artists (my ultimate mission!)

As part of my launch fun, and to go along with the theme, I created a small stained glass version of the book cover (which I also had a blast designing, based on a previous work of glass of mine). This was a real work of enjoyment for me, and I’m donating my first printed copy and the companion glass piece to a gala fundraiser auction at the Johnson GEO Centre. Jim Gillard of the Twillingate Astronomical Observatory is also donating a coupon for a complimentary observatory tour. It’s a great change to nab a super space package! I hope it raises tons of money to buy some shiny new GEO Centre exhibits.

Most importantly, I hope it encourages people to combine art and science, and to recognize that crazy, high risk magic happens when people dare to do so.

If you’d like a copy of my book, you can click on the “Blast Off” tab to download a free pdf copy. It’s free, but I am currently collecting donations to go to Space University if you’d like to show your appreciation. If you would be interested in purchasing a printed copy (go you!), just send me a message via facebook, twitter, or leave a comment below and let me know.

Now go and write your own space book, because I want to read it!

Blast Off!


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