Path to Mars #968: Smooth Space Spin

Are you the next voice of Radio Saturn?

If you haven’t heard of George Diller, I’ll bet you have unknowingly heard his smooth tones at one time or another. Mr Diller has been the voice of NASA for over 30 years, officially as “NASA public affairs information specialist” and unofficially as “the countdown guy.” While he doesn’t have rocket scientist on his resume, he and his communication skills have been hand-in-hand partners with space industry for decades. He is an excellent example of how getting to space requires so much more than an ability to design and pilot engines. What would those lift-offs be without George commenting to millions of watchers around the world? Although our eyes are trained on astronauts wobbling up under fabulous blasts of gas igniting, it has been faceless George that inspires, excites and at times comforts the witnesses of such marvelous human endeavour.

Not to say he isn’t appreciated. In fact, the George Diller Appreciation Society Facebook Page has almost as many likes as my very own Sci-Fi Stained Glass Page.

George Diller, thank you.

If you, like George, have a golden throat and a love of space, you may want to consider a career in Space Communication.

Where to start? Although the last Atlantis blast-off was commented on in 2011, there is plenty more news bubbling up! In fact, you can contribute today by creating your own interview and submitting it to the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast website. Take a listen there for inspiration, and create your very own space podcast! Of course, you’ll want to take in George Diller’s interview while you are there.

Chit-chat about space all year long!

You can also go the more dramatic route and seek voice-over work with science documentaries or space movies. Listen to voice-over actress Carol Meier’s Hubble demo for an example of how your silky tones can get you to space.

The next era of space communication and space journalism is just beginning. Get your demo ready.

Blast Off!


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