Path to Mars #970: Space Beer

Vostok Space Beer - Photo Credit Alex R Green, Sydney Commercial Photography

If your choice of art is of the sommelier variety, you’ll be happy to know that your path to space has already been carved and is waiting for you. Last February, the first beer brewed specifically to be consumed in space was tested in a microgravity environment. Although this wonderful libation is named “Vostok“, after the first manned spacecraft by Yuri Gagarin, don’t let the name fool you. It’s a beer pioneered by (surprise, surprise) Australians.

When Jason Held of Saber Astronautics Australia approached Jaron Mitchell, owner of 4-Pines Brewing Company last year, it was a match made in future orbital-bar heaven. As it turns out, beer that is awesome on earth might not work so well in space. And thus the revolution began. There are two ingredients to getting a good brew in space:  a hearty taste and less bubbles.

This may be just the beginning of a vast industry of drinks being developed for commercial space travel. So if you’ve got gourmet drinking tastebuds and a love of space, why not get involved in this unconventional career choice?

Of course, if you less interested in brewing, and more into pub-crawling, you could always just sign up for the upcoming Beer in Space Tour. As they say, it’s “one small thirst for man, one giant first for mankind.”

Blast Off!


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    ha ha! Too cool!

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    I love Australians : )

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