Path to Mars #972: You Went to the Moon and All I Got was this Lousy T-Shirt

KOSMICA Liverpool, programmed by Nahum Mantra, Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser

This morning, while teaching GEO Astro Trek class at the Johnson GEO Centre I was informed by a 12-year old and rather small girl, that if I cared to visit another planet in our solar system, time would be different “because of rotation” and I would return home 200 years older.

Well, that might not happen in my lifetime, but as an artist, I can certainly play with time conceptually. And this weekend in Liverpool, UK (yes, there are other Liverpools) a bunch of space-lovin’ artists are fiddling with the past.  On January 31, KOSMICA, a monthly art-space session held by the The Arts Catalyst, is being held in conjunction with the exhibition Republic of the Moon. The exhibition features artists’ works that “reimagine the future of the Moon.”  Since our visions of the moon are heavily influenced by Cold War momentum, the main agenda of this collaboration is to reclaim the moon in our own dreamy, hopeful image.

Think of it as Moon, 2.0.

Naturally, that involves shopping. The Moon Life Foundation, started by visual artist Alicia Framis, has created the first shop for the moon here on earth, called Moon Life Concept Store. Artists, designers and architects at The Moon Academy have created products for the moon, placing modern ideas like recycling at the core of its philosphy. As a travelling “pop-up shop”, earth peoples of many nations will get to experience this lunar boutique.

Moon Life Concept Store, coming to a city near you

Past-made-future shopping won’t be the only thing on the agenda at KOSMICA/Republic of the Moon. Under the “Women in Space” umbrella of the event, Ulrike Kubatta will be screening her documentary film, She Should Have Gone to the Moon. It follows the story of Jerri Truhill, one of the first women to be trained to head into space.

More Moon, Less Shopping

If shopping and a film aren’t enough to fill you up for the day, you can partake in an in-house lunar goose migration experiment, visit a lunar garden to question the nature of reality, view photography on lunar loneliness, see the moon in a bucket of water, witness a breed of flies created to live on Titan, and pay homage to the feminine divine thorough lunar laser beam calligraphy.

Just don’t forget to bring me back a (recycled) T-Shirt.

Blast Off!


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    …I’d LOVE to get a t-shirt from the moon! ha ha! Interesting read, thanks!

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