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Path to Mars #975: Beautiful Information

Scientific American recently conducted a very pretty experiment. They asked Hilary Mason, the chief scientist at Bitly, to track web traffic and report back on frequent and common connections. While the most-linked topics were Education and Technology, there was one … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #976: Be Your Own Transparent Hero

Let’s be honest. It isn’t always easy for scientists to tell the truth. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of courage to report findings that just don’t fit into the status quo. But without the moxy of the brave few … Continue reading

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Path to Mars #977: Lights, Camera, Martians!

Curiosity, the third scientific rover to head to Mars, will be launching on November 25th. It is scheduled to land on the red planet in August, 2012. Its two-year prime mission? To gather samples and data on environmental conditions on … Continue reading

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