Path to Mars #983: Grapefruit, Moon. Grapefruit, Sun.

Grapefruit, Moon

A few nights ago I had a dream of grapefruit, about which I told someone:

If I were a photographer, I would only photograph grapefruit. I would line them up like constellations, and take images of them looking like a lunar surface.

Ok, it was a poetic dream and I’m clearly mixing up stars and moons, but it got me thinking about how many objects we see in everyday life that bring us back to space. Isn’t it amazing how something like a grapefruit, which grows and swells from a seed, ends up looking so similar to a pock-marked planet or lunar surface? Or how the interior reminds one of solar wind?

Grapefruit, Sun

Amazing! We go so far looking into the heart of deep space, and yet these very objects we seek are mirrored around us. So when next pick up a grapefruit, imagine you are holding the moon in your hand. And when you cut into it, imagine you are slicing the sun.

I wonder what Tom Waits would have to say about that?

Blast Off!


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