Path to Mars #989: Space Bubbles

"I Want to Bathe" by SoapLane on Etsy

Ah, long weekend. There’s nothing like a long bath and a newspaper to relax and count your blessings on this Thanksgiving holiday time. Of course, the only way to make bathtime better is with some space-inspired soap! Here are a few of my favorite handmade soaps, from Etsy of course.

A Chunk of Asteroid by CosmicCleanBody

Plutonium Soap by bubblegenius

Orbiter Soaps by Melsfunsuds

Robots from Space by ThePigAndThePeacock

Rocket and Spaceship by GentleSuds

Star Deck Soap by soapstarcanada

Rocket Soap by BugsAndBubblesSoapCo

And for those who prefer liquid soap…

Rocket Ship Soap Dispenser by BreadandBadger

Don’t you smell lovely?

Blast Off!


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  1. vicky says:

    such a cool cosmic collection! thank you for featuring my star anise soap ☺

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