Path to Mars #991: Fiction (Science)

Science Fiction or Fiction about Science?

Science fiction or Fiction with some science?

We all know (and some of us love) Science fiction. Some of us love it more than others.

But what about Fiction [about] science? You know, those gorgeous literary reads that explore science with a bit of poetic licence thrown in to razzle up the historical accuracy. Those are the great stories, the ones about Newton and Fermat and Galileo’s Daughter. Those are the ones that really get you jazzed up about telescopes and test tubes!

One of my favorites is  Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman – an author who also infuses non-fiction with beauty that will leave you weeping over your periodic table coffee mug.

I’m really excited about the upcoming trilogy by Dr. Stuart ClarkThe Sky’s Dark Labyrinth, The Sensorium of God and A Day Without Yesterday. These works follow the stories of Galileo, Newton and Einstein. Way to go, Dr. Clark!

The Sky's Dark Labyrinth, go find it now!

The University of Toronto crowd have wrangled Dr Clark into a public talk and book signing on October 18th at 7pm, EST. The wonderful thing is that if you can’t make it, the event will be streamed online! I’ll definitely be there.

I think U of T must have special powers, because they’ve also managed to attract the likes of Dava Sobel, who will be talking about her upcoming play/non-fiction narrative A More Perfect Heaven.

Not Fiction Science, but I still want to read it!

This event will take place on October 11th at 8pm EST and will once again be streamed online, for those of us not on campus.

Now let’s hope they’ve arranged a way to get those books signed virtually…

Blast Off!



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