Path to Mars #995: Collective Apps of Kindness

Angry Bird in Space

Do you love your smartphone? Would you be willing to share it for the good of humanity? If you’ve been feeling guilty about retreating away from friends and family into your world of apps, you’ll be pleased to hear that NASA recently announced a way for you to merge your precious with society. The International Space Apps Challenge is an initiative for scientists and concerned citizens (you) to create apps that will save life as we know it through a borg-like sharing of information between all citizens, the government and the space industry. The challenge is based on the Random Hacks of Kindness model, which is a global idea factory to create open source technology to again…save the world.

The best part? They don’t just want geeky app-makers fluent in code to be involved (the actual app creation contest will be in 2012). They also want ideas. Lots of ideas. Today. Which you can contribute right now, online. Look at some of the Problem Statement Ideas already submitted, and add your own.

So ask yourself, what change would I like to see in the world? How could I share my phone with the ISS to keep the planet humming? Is the Angry Birds: The Movie really the best use of my time?

Blast Off!


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