Path to Mars #996: Space-Themed Halloween Costumes

Echo the Astronaut

It’s October 1st. Which means you had better get a move on with Hallowe’en costume plans. What better time and place to physically express your passion for space? Here are a few suggestions to get the wheels turning.

You could easily go the classic, albeit obvious route of the Stars Wars costume. Easily recognizable, always good for a few quotes. But be prepared to get hot under that Darth Vader helmet. A breezier option for warmer climates is Princess Leia.

For the young or more optimistic at heart, Buzz Lightyear is another easily recognizable and popular theme, and you are less likely to get run over in traffic than Darth.

For those who poo-poo sci-fi and cartoons (shame!), you could go the purist route of a traditional NASA Astronaut uniform. But don’t stop there – why not be slightly more creative and dress up as a NASA Space Centre Visitor Complex Tour Bus Driver?

For those on a budget who would like to get into slightly more exploratory, and less human territory, try building a Homemade Rocket costume. Other Space Object possibilities include CERN, a lunar module, the solar system, or the Hubble Telescope.

If you are like me in your preference for more abstract themes, you could copy The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and be The Doppler Effect. Or be your own concept:  The Fibonacci Sequence, The Speed of Light, The Cosmic Web of Dark Matter, or a Gravity Well. Personally, I’m leaning towards The Lambda-CDM Model.

Blast Off!


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  1. B. Carol Nelson says:

    I could be happy being a galaxy. Which means I need to collaborate with a lighting designer. (Warning..if I don’t get one, I’m going to have to go as Ripley again.

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