Path to Mars #997: Space Food

Space Food Sampler, available at Funky Food Shop

Do you have a flair for chemistry and love food? You may want to consider joining the world of Food Science. We’ve come a long way since the tubed food packets on those first space missions, and it’s all thanks to the work of food scientists like Michele Perchonok. Future missions to Mars will be needing the insight of food scientists to get the ovens fired up on the red planet, so foodies, get out those test tubes and head on over to the Institute of Food Technologists, or the International Union of Food Science and Technology.

Not a natural born chemist? Well, if you are a class-A chef, you still might be able to contribute to the space menu.

The Astronaut's Cookbook

Amateur cook? Try adding The Astronaut’s Cookbook to your library, and whip up some real food recipes from Charles Bourland and Gregory Vogt. Or get inspired to write your own recipe book.

Toast burner? Not to worry, you can still enjoy out-of-this-world snacking. Purchase some space-themed munchies at Funky Food Shop, and you can watch Contact (again) while munching on some Space Food Sticks.

Blast Off!


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