Path to Mars #1000: Crafty Rocket Ships

Space Odyssey (Rocket Ship and UFO) Christmas Ornament Set by artagglomeration on Etsy

You too can build a rocket ship (or five) in time for the holidays. It’s time to get out those craft scissors and leftover scraps of felt, and whip up a batch of fresh rocket ships, UFOs or orbiters. Your friends and family will be wildly impressed! I recommend recycling material to make ornaments, which is the earth-friendly (space lovin’) way to craft. is full to bursting of galactic goodness. It’s easy to get inspired there. Just search your favorite space word in the “handmade” or in the “vintage” search engine and you’d be amazed at what pops up.  Hint:  add a texture to the search for fun. For example, try searching for wool rocket or glass Saturn. Get inspired, and get to work on building your spacecraft today.

Blast Off!


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